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Brecko Corp. prides itself in providing personalized service and guidance to every customer and therefore we don't have an online store.  Please feel free to contact us so that we may help you find the exact product which best fulfills your welding needs.  We are glad to answer questions, consult on technical issues, or provide advice and assistance.  Although we are a full-line distributor, we also sell in individual-user quantities (on some products as little as half-pound quantities).

Arc Welding

Magna Arc Welding Alloys provide you with: Great Versatility, Better Physical Properties and Greater Ease of Application.

Gas Welding

Brazing & Soldering

Gas welding is both effective and economic for applications such as construction and repair of HVAC systems,  welding of hot water pipes, gas bottles, nuclear heat exchangers and boilers.

TIG Welding Alloys

The following Magna alloys, available as gas or arc rods elsewhere on this site, are also available in a TIG version.


Most Popular

Magna 303 Gold

Magna 303 Gold  Ferrite Balanced Super-Strength Non-Cracking Alloy for All Steels takes the guesswork out of maintenance arc welding.


  • Provides exceptional strength and crack resistance.
  • Special "lonized Arc Transfer" drastically reduces spatter and electrode overheating.
  • Special flux formulation eliminates slag interference in horizontal fillets.

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