Arc Welding


Magna Welding Alloys provide you with:  Great Versatility, Better Physical Properties and Greater Ease of Application. 


The Magna difference is in the microstructure of the weld metal.


Ordinary welding wires are made to match a standard base metal analysis.  Most base metals are rolled, forged, or heat-treated, which improves their physical properties.  With ordinary electrodes, the melting and resolidification process changes the deposit structure completely from that of the base metal.


Magna alloys contain rare earth compounds, special alloying elements, deoxidizers and stabilizers.  These compensate for the transformation of the electrode composition during the critical melting and resolidification phases.


Magna 100

Superior Chamfering Electrode.  Chamfers, grooves & gouges practically all metals in seconds - without special equipment or skill.


Magna 303 Gold

Super-Strength Non-Cracking Alloy for All Steels, including high alloy steels and dissimilar combinations.  Provides excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Ferrite Balanced Alloy gives a deposit length that is 20-25% more than normal electrodes. Easy to use and works well in difficult environments.


Magna 305

Super-Tough Alloy for High-Strength Steels.  For welding T-1 and other heavy duty steels, construction steels and fabrication.  Provides superior crack resistance - even without preheating.


Magna 307

"Magnamatic" Electrode for Mild Steel.  Provides extraordinary weldability for ease of use.  Ideal for "on-site" and restrictive position use.


Magna 393

Corrosion-Resistant Alloy for Stainless Steel.  A superior "vertical downhand" welding electrode with improved corrosion resistance and heat resistance properties.


Magna 395

Special Alloy for Duplex Stainless Steel.  Provides superb weld integrity to resists corrosion and cracks.  Offers good resistance to saltwater corrosion.


Magna 400

Special Alloy for Crushing Equipment.  High alloy designed for crushers.  Gives super impact and abrasion resistance.


Magna 401

Universal Hardfacing Electrode.  Tough ferritic matrix that resists both impact and abrasion.  Outwears other electrodes that cost twice as much.


Magna 402

Impact-Resistant Alloy for Manganese Steel.  Withstand extreme shock, loading & impact.  Ideal for heavy construction & mining equipment overlays and build-ups.


Magna 403

Hardfacing Electrode for High-Stress Abrasion.  Features a dense matrix impregnated with hard carbides to resist both high-stress and low-stress.


Magna 404

Hardfacing Electrode for Extreme Abrasion.  Withstands even the most severe grinding abrasion.  Outwear ordinary hardfacing rods as much as 30 to 1.


Magna 405

Superior Build-Up Electrode.  Excellent for flame hardening.  Non-cracking even on multipass deposits.


Magna 480

Universal Tool Steel Electrode.  Welds practically all tool & die steels in hardened condition.  Gives super hard & tough welds - without heat treatment.


Magna 505

"Super Ease" High-Strength Alloy for Aluminum.  Gives welds that are stronger than pure aluminum.  Provides easy slag removal.


Magna 720

Superior Alloy for Dirty or Burned Cast Iron.  Welds cast iron so greasy, rusty and burned that other electrodes will not even bond.


Magna 770

High-Strength Non-Cracking Machinable Electrode for Cast Iron. Gives perfect machinable welds on practically all types of cast iron. Requires absolutely no preheating.


Magna 777

Generation II Machinable Electrode for Cast Iron.  Superior design enables economical use on virtually all types of cast iron.  High-tech "controlled blast" pulse action automatically burns off surface contaminants before weld metal transfer.


Magna 8n12

Universal Electrode for Nickel Alloys.  Resists high temperatures up to 1205¢XC to helps prevent cracking.  Provides excellent corrosion resistance.


Magna alloy c

Nickel-Based Electrode for Hastelloy Materials.  Provides outstanding hardness retention even at elevated temperatures. Outwears most hotwork tool steels - yet is entirely machinable.