Gas Welding, Brazing & Soldering


Gas welding is both effective and economic for applications such as construction and repair of HVAC systems,  welding of hot water pipes, gas bottles, nuclear heat exchangers and boilers.


Brazing involves temperatures up to 840°F/450°C, while soldering uses filler metal heated at temperatures below that.


Unlike Arc welding, both brazing and soldering involve heating the filler metal at temperatures below the melting temperature of the metal work pieces being joined together.


Magna 24

Self-Fluxing Silver-Bearing Alloy for Copper.  Provides super fluidity - flows through tightest laps.  Low bonding temperature ensures extreme ease of use.


Magna 33F

Super-Strong Flux-Coated Alloy for Steels.  Gives extraordinary strength.  Highly versatile - great for use with variety of metals.


Magna 38

Super High Corrosion Resisting and Creep-Resisting Stainless Steel Alloy.


Magna 55

Superior Alloy for Aluminum.  Universal alloy right for all type of aluminum.  Its unique two-stage melting range for both thin-flowing and build-up applications.


Magna 66

High-Silver Alloy for Maintenance.  A truly "All-Purpose" silver alloy that provides outstanding capillary action to penetrates even the tightest joint geometry.


Magna 77F

Super Strength Universal Flux-Coated Brazing Alloy.  A tough strong joining and build-up alloy for cast iron and other metals.  Deposits are totally machinable.


Magna 88C

Low-Temp High-Strength Solder for Stainless Steel.  500% stronger than ordinary solders and is ideal for food industry and refrigeration applications.