TIG Welding Alloys

The following Magna alloys, available as gas or arc rods elsewhere on this site, are also available in a TIG version.


Magna 38 TIG

Super High Corrosion Resisting and Creep-Resisting Stainless Steel Alloy.


Magna 55 TIG

 Superior Alloy for Aluminum.  Universal alloy right for all type of aluminum, Its unique two-stage melting range for both thin-flowing and build-up applications.


Magna 303 TIG

A TIG version of Magna 303. Super-Strength Non-Cracking Alloy for All Steels, including high alloy steels and dissimilar combinations.  Provides excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Ferrite Balanced Alloy gives a deposit length that is 20-25% more than normal electrodes. 


Magna 305 TIG

 Super-Tough Alloy for High-Strength Steels.  For welding T-1 and other heavy duty steels, construction steels and fabrication.  Provides superior crack resistance - even without preheating.


Magna 309 TIG 

Magna 309 FC TIG “RootGard” is a unique flux cored TIG welding rod designed for root run application without the need of inert gas purging for back shielding.


Magna 440 TIG

 High-Speed Tool Steel Electrode.  Gives "stay-sharp" deposits ideal for high speed cutting.  Withstands more shock than tungsten carbide - retains cutting edge sharpness.


Magna 480 TIG

 Universal Tool Steel Electrode.  Welds practically all tool & die steels in hardened condition.  Gives super hard & tough welds - without heat treatment.


Magna 506 TIG

“NextGen” Hi-Strength Aluminum TIG Filler Metal is a versatile & welder-friendly aluminium TIG wire quality designed to offer high tensile and shear strength in as-welded condition and after post weld heat treatment.


Magna 8N12TIG

Universal Electrode for Nickel Alloys.  Resists high temperatures up to 1205¢XC to helps prevent cracking.  Provides excellent corrosion resistance.